This Christmas we decided to go to Italy. The choice was not random since we have Italian friends there and invited us to spend together their Italian Christmas. Not at all a bad idea and so we started looking for flights England to Italy.

Ελληνική Έκδοση

A very good choice for those staying Midlands is the Birmingham airport. We booked tickets with flybe from Birmingham to Milan.

Flybe is a low cost company, but personally I was very pleased with the service. I recommend wholeheartedly! Our destination was Delebio village near Lake Como 80 km north of Milan.

The flight was very interesting over the Alps real magic!

We arrived at Malpensa airport early afternoon and the weather was surprisingly mild like Greece. We waited for a taxi which took us to our friends in Delebio. The ride was beautiful as most of it was beside the lake and surrounding mountains covered in snow on the peaks. Arriving at the Italian village familiar smells of rustic fireplaces however invading the architecture which is quite different from ours. Italian houses are usually painted red and mustard yellow which makes the villages look lively. The next day was Christmas Eve and like in Greece all the shops are open that day until late afternoon. People come out doing shopping. exquisite Italian coffee. We visited a beautiful village of Chiavenna is very close to the Swiss border and St Moritz.

We ate at an excellent Italian restaurant with great views and fantastic food.

On Christmas Day the Italians as it happens everywhere they cook and eat with their family at home.

Their tradition is not turkey.As a starter we had Italian salami this is a classic thing they serve , then lasagna and pork with mashed potato. For dessert we had an Italian dessert called pantoro is something like bun that came with pastry cream that boosts the flavor. Excellent sweet! It goes without saying that we’d had many good Italian wines.

The Italians have a very nice culture of food. Eat and drink slowly. On Christmas day we began to eat at 13:00 and we picked the table at 21:00 in the evening (not bad).

Dawn Boxing day we took the car and went to a village of Varenna on Lake Como. It’s beautiful.

Here you can walk by the lake to eat fantastic ice cream shop souvenirs from the shops of the photo area and of course to take the ferry boat to visit the other side of the lake such as Bellagio which are very expensive and beautiful celebrity homes (George Clooney ).
Unfortunately we did not have time to do that but I think it deserves to allocate some time for this. Leaving Varenna we took the train to Milan. It is about an hour but really beautiful trip by the lake.

Arriving in Milan you can immediately understand that you are in a big city! Crowds, traffic young people everywhere strolling and many shops with clothes and shoes to restaurants, brasseries and patisseries. We visited the and main streets with shops known major fashion houses. Milan is an expensive city and I believe that is more for those interested in fashion and shopping rather than for tourists who have other interests. Of course there is the Scala in Milan one worth visiting. The next day we flew back to England. We would definitely like to stay a few more days to see other places but there was no time unfortunately. Italy indemnify us every time. Maybe it’s the weather like in Greek perhaps people are so warm, good food, all these make us feel so familiar! Thank you so much Riccardo and Kati for the hospitality! We already miss Italy and our friends!

Jenny S.